Charter for better social care services in Haringey

SCAH is a coalition of various voluntary groups who represent our diverse communities from across the Haringey including parents and carers of those most at risk in our community.  SCAH and its members, support effective and professional support services that reflect the needs of those most vulnerable and that these are available to all.   We call on Haringey Council to meet their ‘duty of care’ legal obligations, despite the cuts, and provide services which, at the very least, meet the basic human rights of those they serve.

We support the people before profit principle and that this principle should be at the forefront of all care and support services.  Our principal aim is to end the suffering caused to adults at risk, and their carers, due to the savage cuts in social care.   We demand, and would support, the council to meet the basic human rights of these most vulnerable residents and that the Unison Care Charter should be Implemented as a minimum standard.   We support non- profit-making alternative models of care and support as part of our ‘people before profit’ principle.
Other aims and ideals include insisting on appropriate care, support, and developmental services for all people at risk in our community, and that a well trained, professional and motivated staff team should be employed.  We support the (London) Living Wage for all care and support staff working in the social care sector and the ending of all zero hour contracts in these services unless it's a real choice of the employee.

We support the re-reinstatement of  proper monitoring and support from local councils  for all agencies, staff and social care workers working in the care sector, and demand that appropriate statutory training is implemented for all care and support workers and that this is evidenced prior to the agency/worker being employed.  We support maintaining secure and developmental day services for all vulnerable adults and an end to the meaningless talk of ‘building-less’ places in the community.

We support and would enable those receiving support services, and their carers, to demand a decent quality of service and to feel empowered to complain when they don't, that the council and their representatives be prepared to listen and respond to these concerns and complaints before decisions are made which could detrimentally affect the user of that service.

We support housing services which provide adapted and accessible housing for our disabled residents.  The council should maintain a register of those homes already adapted so these can be established as ongoing and cost effective residences for our disabled residents.  We support a disability champion who will speak out and challenge the council, their representatives, or any other service provider, when any person or group with a disability is under threat or receiving inappropriate care and support.